What we do is simple. But very effective

We find lovely tenants for exclusive properties.
And we're very good at it

Focusing solely on the exclusive end of the property market and just lettings, we're specialists in our field. It's all we do. We're not distracted by other sides to our business like all other agents, we're not trying to manage hundreds of tenancies with a gaggle of junior staff who don't really know the property or tenants well. Instead, we focus on just a select few. This means we can always give you our full care and attention.

We're honest too. We'll say what's good and what's not so good. Be that about a property, a tenant, or ourselves. We like to communicate, a lot. We can't stand not being kept in the loop and always want our clients to be kept bang up to date.


We advise honestly on how to maximise your return. We'll give you an impartial eye advising if any work needs to be carried out or where expense may be unnecessary. We offer help with legislation, ensuring you fulfill your obligations as a landlord. We take away your stress from what can be a complex process.

We provide rental insurance to all landlords free of charge. This means if the tenant doesnít pay, youíre still covered, subject to underwriters approval but most are covered.

When advertising property, we use Rightmove and Zoopla. We've considered others but they donít have anywhere near the coverage of the 'big two' so we've stuck with these - we feel the maximum exposure for our clients is priority.

We just focus on exclusive properties, typically with a rental value of between £3,000 and £15,000 per month, and within our area - between Oxford, Cambridge, down to Watford and up to Leicester. We can often find perfect tenants who weren't even actively looking to move simply due to our extensive contacts.


We fully respect that at this end of the market, you're usually also landlords yourselves. You may have in turn rented out your family home due to a slow property market. You may be relocating internationally, perhaps just for a year or less. You may have investment properties yourself, so you're used to being both a tenant and a landlord. Whatever your reasons for choosing to rent, which can be very attractive compared with the arduous alternative of buying, we're here to help you.

Every tenant will receive a welcome pack. This will comprise of a bespoke property guide - with essential information on things like utility suppliers, how to control the heating, where the TV/Sky cables are (we always like to get the tv running first!), where the stop cock is, rubbish collection days, local services, details about neighbours and so on. We'll also pop some essentials in the fridge, butter, milk, eggs and of course a bottle of bubbly.

We strongly believe that a great tenant and landlord relationship which starts well tends to go very well. Tenants can reach us anytime about any issue. Our personal mobile numbers will be given out to assist whenever needed, virtually 24/7. As you can see, what we do is very simple.

We find lovely tenants for exclusive properties. We can help you too.

If you're looking for an exclusive property to rent, we can help, so please do get in touch and let us know what you're looking for. We often marry up tenants with properties without even going to market.

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